The Life, Times and Clothes of Vivienne Westwood

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is today famous around the world as one of the most cutting edge and out there designers of our time and is credited with bringing many subcultures in the world into the mainstream and integrating the design elements from all these [url=[/url] into her fashion collections much to the acclaim of fashion critics and the general public as well.

She is most often credited and quite rightly so with being the person or the fashion designer who has almost single handedly brought the vivienne westwood bracelets
and new wave subcultures and their unique design elements and styles into the world of main stream fashion.

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has now been putting fashion collections on the ramps of fashion weeks for nearly thirty years as this year will be the thirtieth anniversary of the first time that she showed a fashion collection to the world. In 1981 she showed her first vivienne westwood shoes collection in a catwalk show and the theme that she chose for the collection was pirates. In the following years which include the rest of the nineteen eighties and the beginning of the subsequent decade, she released fashion [url=[/url] one after another to ever increasing applause and appreciation from the fashion world and she calls those years the pagan years.

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are sold around the world as well as in three exclusive shops in London as well as one in Leeds and one in Milan in Italy. The best place to look at her fantastic creations though is still online at a reputable online retailer that will always have the latest [url=[/url] at the best prices.