Blancier launches a patented Worldtimer (BWT 1)

Worldtimers? There are a great many worldtimers. Almost every respected watch brand has such a model in its collection. In reality, these watches could only show the various time zones of the world in approximate terms… until now.
The master craftsmen of Lottermann & Söhne from the Germany city of Mannheim pre­sent the Blancier Worldtimer 1. Their self-designed mechanical timepiece shows all 39 of the world’s time zones at a glance. Behind the beautiful harmony of the colourful yet subtle watch face is the mechanical movement which took two years to develop.


The BWT 1 Manufacture movement has been patented. Produced in a 42mm steel casing with a refined rhodium-plated or gold-plated BWT 1 movement and a crocodile skin strap, this handmade masterpiece is priced at € 9.995,- Produced in a rosé or white gold casing, it is priced at € 14.995,- and € 17.995,- respectively.

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