Dagboek van een flipperaar

en dan ineens kom je deze tegen. AL vrees ik dat deze meneer niet kan tippen aan @superc of bijvoorbeeld @anon50762135EV:slight_smile: :smile:

veel leesplezier!


Vind hem wel leuk.
Zeker dat stukje over zijn Steinhart:

No 87 – Steinhart Ocean1 Vintage Red
’Oh, so I see you finally got yourself a Rolex,’ my boss greeted me while he sat down at my table in the cafeteria one day. ’But wait, that’s not a Rolex. What is that?’
’Well, it’s a Steinhart,’ I slurred quietly hoping the conversation would stop
right there.

’A Stein-WHAT?’ he shouted at same time he started to down his lunch. I think we had smoked pork sausage that day. It’s slightly sour to the taste and made with barley and usually served with stewed potatoes and pickled beet roots. A typical Swedish dish.

’A STEIN-HART,’ I said; this time sounding a little irritated hoping he might
understand that I would like to enjoy my own lunch in some peace and quiet.

’Hell, why do you buy a watch that looks exactly like a Rolex but isn’t a
Rolex? Buy yourself a goddamn Rolex and don’t walk around with that piece of crap.’

Schitterend. Zie het zo voor me.
Het vervolg laat zich raden:

That did it. No more Steinhart
watches for me. My boss could be quite a pain in the ass sometimes and even though
most people disliked him I respected him and he and I got along well. Even if
we didn’t agree with each other’s opinions in most matters, this time he was
right and I knew it. I put it out for sale the minute I got home. I didn’t even
bother to take a picture of it. I just wanted to get rid of it.

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Ja, die is geniaal…

Zouden meer mensen moeten doen…

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Leuk geschreven, maar jammer genoeg geen horloges die me interesseren.