DIY : How to remove and replace cystal

[size=150]This is for cases with a Nylon Crystal gasket and no crystal retaining ring,
but it’s basicaly the same with rubber gaskets

Start by braking down your case[/size]

[size=150]Then set up you crystal press with a small nylon die on the top, make sure the die is not too big as it could crush the chapter ring inside the case.[/size]

[size=150]On the bottem use a die that has a lip that will hold the case but not larger than the crystal so it can be pushed through into the space on the die[/size]

[size=150]Then hold the case up onto the small die wiggle it a bit as to make sure the die is not resting on the chapter ring, then hold it in place as you turn down the press
(use some cloth or paper between the die and crystal if you think it will help to stop scratching)[/size]

[size=150]Turn the press down till you hear and feel the crystal pop out [/size]

[size=150]Unscrew the press and remove the crystal from the die[/size]

Look for the Nylon Crystal ring it is form fitting and take the shape of the crystal when first used, make sure you return the nylon ring in the same position as it came off your glass[/size]

[size=150]Return the chapter ring you would like to use and place the nylon glass ring back in the case[/size]

[size=150]Carefuly place the glass back on top of the case[/size]

[size=150]Now change your dies for two larger flat dies place the case and glass in to the press and turn down tightly[/size]

[size=150]Check the line of the glass to see if it is in strait, if not, you can put half of the case back in and turn down tightly leveling the glass in most cases or repeat the whole thing[/size]

Great howto, thanks Noah! (tu)

Very interesting, thank you. (tu)
This crystal is smaller than the older models ?
How can I remove the crystal retainingring of the older models?