Girard perregeaux


Am new on this site and probably a freshman among all watch lovers.
Since many years I have been very interested in watches, especially the more technical brands and “Worldtimer models”.

One of these is the WW.TC from Girard Perregeaux.
I was wondering if everyone who owns this watch is happy in general about mechanics, maintenance,…

Since I am still young (28years) I havse saved some time in orderr to purchase and invest in a a watch.
Recently I have been in contact with a person willing to sell his Girard Perregeaux WW.TC
However before purchase, as this is my first main purchase, I would like to know from experts, if watch, selling purpose,… is ligitimed.

I truly hope that some of you out there could help me out.
You can always mail me personal at for further, highly appreciated information.

Best regards,
Alex Meyvaert