Grandpa's Omega

Hi everyone,
I’ve just found my grandpa’s Omega in my parents house. Watch is still running but not sure which model it is. Does anyone know? Images attached below.
Thanks to all in advance!


It sure has a lot of DNA. It looks like a Jumbo Franken to me. Case back doesn’t belong to this watch.


Yeah literally, look at the amount of dirt around the case back. And I can only imagine what’s between the links of the bracelet…


Best thing to do is to take it to a reputable watchmaker (not a jeweller) and have him open it.
Then take pictures of the movement and the inside of the caseback and post them here.

I understand the previous posts because the caseback does look “uncommon” for an Omega watch.

Come back soon.


Thanks @CitizenX I’ll look into that model

Thanks @Maurits I’ll make sure a reputable watchmaker gets hands on this watch after so many years… I’ll post the pictures once I have them