Hi Everyone

I am now interested in antique movements before Quartz era.
I would like to share many informations on wristwatches in 60s.

Many thanks

Pony the Tony

Please share, and welcome in the asylum btw!

Welcome here!, just one practical question, are you able to read dutch? Would be very helpful for you :slight_smile:

Welcome! :horse_racing:

Hi and welcome,
Bienvenue ici,
Cet endroit devient vraiment international :wink:

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Mijn beste,

Welcome and enjoy!!

Orologio Signaturis Temporis. :wink:

Et vous espérez qu’il comprend le francais maintentant? :wink:

Nein, aber es ist funny alle deze languages :stuck_out_tongue:


He was afraid… We’ve lost him :speak_no_evil:

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