IWC Cal. 8541B Ref 910A

Hallo Allemal.

Sorry for typing in English but my Nederlands is not top level.
I live and work in Maastricht and I inherited IWC 910A from my grandfather and I would like to get it restored, which it seems like an impossible task.
Tried IWC in Amsterdam and the only response I got is going to be too expensive, other jewelers in town say that it will be impossible to find the case and that will not be able to get the parts.

The movement of course works as I learned that the cal. 8541B is very reliable, but I am missing case, plexiglas and strap. At this time I am seriously considering on buying a similar time piece and use the parts to restore mine.

Any help and/or recommendations are most welcome, thank you!


Dear Gilberto,

The problem is that one way or the other you will end up with an incorrect watch, because the casenumber won’t match the movement number. Spare cases do come up but I don’t expect you to find an IWC case that is a perfect fit. As you already suggested, you could pair it up with an existing watch which is probably the most pragmatic solution, however since IWC watches are quite expensive it is somewhat wasteful. Since the movement is in bad shape (judging from your photos) I think it would be best to first let a watchmaker estimate how much it would cost to have it in running order. Then I would like to suggest that you contact someone who is able to create a custom case for you. We have a member here called @Arie_Kabaalstra who would be able to create a customised case for you.


This seems to be a mission impossible. If you place the movement in another case it will always be a compilated watch. The case was probably made of gold and all of these gold cases are melted down, they hardly ever get offered up for sale.

So, offcourse it can be made into a working wach but it will cost you quite some money and it will never be the original watch.

Thank you both for your comments.
Agreed that using another IWC will be wasteful, but this time piece has sentimental value so with the price to have it running.
I wouldn’t mind not having the original case, and a custom one seems like the best option so far. My goal is to have it operational and to be able to wear it and enjoy it.

Will you be able to help with the case?


I’m not completely sure what you try to say, but with IWC casenumber and movementnumber are never the same.

If you just want it to run again and the movement placed in a generic case it won’t be such a major operation, biggest issue is finding a case that’s a perfect fit because otherwise the movement will always move when you set the hands.

But i guess it should be doable for a reasonable price around € 250 but i’ll let the experts make you an offer.

the biggest issue with a generic case is the position of the winding stem, if the stembore in the case is in the wrong position… you can’t put the stem back in the movement

The fact that it is a automatic movement ,makes it harder to fit a generic case.

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Thanks and I understand.
What if it is a custom case? Can a case be made to house this movement and fit the steam? If so, who could do it?

I could… but it will cost you…

To give you an example of my work:

All in dutch, but then again… the pictures speak for themselves…

I will be happy to explore this and talk about costs.
Can you estimate what would this be?
How long will it take you to design it and built it?
Would be great if we can meet in person so you can see the piece and talk about possibilities.

Please PM me for details, and, i have a waiting list at the moment… so it might take a couple of months

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Perhaps our member Inca is also a possibility, he is a wizzard in finding the proper parts, and is also a very able watchmaker :innocent:

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Arie , sorry I can’t figure out how to PM message you, I’ve been in your website so I’ll send you an email from there. Thank you!

Thank you Hendrik, look forward to hear from @Inca about this.

Hello everyone!

Last year I asked for some advise/help regarding my Grandfathers IWC 910A 8541B, I only had the movement and dial and I was looking a way to have it operational again. After a long search and wait, I can finally enjoy it to it’s fullest.

The journey started about 4 years ago, when looking through some old things at my mothers home back in Tijuana Mexico i found this time piece. My mother, happy to see me excited of my find and as I was moving to the NL she wanted to surprise me with fixing the watch. She gave it to her “trusted” jeweler" with the hopes of getting it fixed, a failed attempt! even when the “jeweler” returned it, it was the wrong piece, by that time the surprise was spoiled.

Once I moved to the Netherlands, I brought the piece with hopes to send it to IWC and getting fixed, which at the end they told me that they don’t have the ability to make the missing pieces and case, resulting in another failed attempt.

I sought after the internet with hopes of finding the same version time piece, a case, parts, anything… again with no luck.

One day walking my dog through beautiful Maastricht I spotted in Juwelier Brocantique the exact same one. I rang the bell, came in and explained my situation, I have to say the guys there were very understanding and excited about this project.

A week later I purchased the watch they had there and brought mine in, all with the hopes that they were going to be able to rescue most of the pieces from my grandfathers watch.

Almost two months later (the watch was ready before that but I was in Australia) I was able to finally get the watch. The joy and satisfaction of wearing it, is priceless. I guess is knowing that I am able to keep a little piece of family history alive and that this was worn by my grandfather which I was very close with.

Anyway, thank you for your advises and for sharing part of this quest.


Delightful story, I hope you can continue to wear it for another lifetime.

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Awesome!! Enjoy it and thank you for sharing this great story with us!!

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Great story,but what did they do exactly?
In your first post i see the complete movement(minus secondhand),so did they swap the case and secondhand to make a it compleet watch?

Did you get the parts that were left from the watch you bought from them ?

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