Modifications in Amsterdam

Hi there i have an Seiko SKX013K1 looking to make the following mods

-Sapphire Dome lense upgrade
-Lumed/ceramic Bezel

Doesnt anyone know or recommend a place i can get this done in town?



Shall we first determine if it is a real Seiko?


And the real mlwrose and not a bot…?

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Never mind the gents, welcome and enjoy the forum.

There are forum members here that do modding. I just don’t know if there are folks in the Netherlands that do this professionally. is the site of a bloke named Rob (Robokies) who does modding, but I suspect he prioritizes watches he sells (you can order an SKX013 with domed sapphire from him).

However, he’s flaky in terms of communication (even though he’s done me proud on three occasions), so @HanDavinci (the forum’s Mod-king extraordinaire) boycots the man.

@ThaPapper has also done some modding, but between him and Han I don’t know if they can point you to an outfit that does that reliably.

As far as modifications in Amsterdam go though, I can recommend checking in with the good folks at Mr B. They can surely help you find all kinds of modders.


hi yes, pls. How do i check. i ordered it online and received it today.

haha, im not a bot.


I was just kidding…
Luckily for you whe have also serious members here :wink:
Good luck with your Seiko project!

But this little prince is not taking orders for an SKX013, sorry @mlwrose :man_shrugging:t2:


Het moet zijn “he did me, proudly”


Hahaha :joy::rofl:

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@HanDavinci ah no, could you recommend someone who could help me? im based in amsterdam? much appreciated.

Rob’s a nice lad, but we wonnae be takin’ hot showers together. You volunteering there, ma wee bonnie? :slight_smile:

Ja, maar kun je 'm een adres aanwrijven?


Het enige wat ik aanwrijf ga ik eerst insmeren met Zwitsal.

I have no clue. Maybe one of the members here will read this and send you a PM :+1:


Hello Matthew,

As advised by @Fate_Amenable_To_Change, you could send Rob a message to find out if he has the time to help you? Just ask him and buy the parts with him. He is rather busy though, so he may not be answering for a while but it’s worth a try.

Good luck! :+1:

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:thinking: :rofl:

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