Ouwe militaire meuk

Specifically made for Italian Helicopter pilots , (Army Pilots, not
Air Force pilots) and in some rare cases to platoon commanders of the
Battaglione Paracadutisti Carabinieri “Tuscania”. These guys get a full
training as Carabinieri (Police and Military Police) then a full
training as paratroopers at the “Folgore” Paratroopers Brigade School in
Livorno (Tuscany). Then the steep mountains of Sardegna and Calabria
are their usual fields of ops hunting kidnappers, mobsters and
camorrists. They are the spearhead of almost all the peacekeeping and
peace enforcing italian mission.
Tough guys.
as such these were never made available commercially on the open
market and 23 pieces have surfaced so far or were ever offered for
sale. The ones I have found over the last 15 years are these , and I
would love to hear from fellow collectors if they have more information :
0006 – 1 433 810

0024 – 1 433 697

0120 – 1 433 850 (Bridge unsigned)

0182 – 1 433 513



0346 – 1 433 377


0385 – 1 433 477


0394 – 1 433 629

0416 – 1 433 398

0423 – 1 433 560

0488 – 1 433 676

0517 –

0524 –

0545 – 1 433 636

0566 – 1 43x xxx

0567 – 1 433 567

0616 – 1 434 079


Unassigned – 1 433 723

Unassigned – 1 433 786
Some of the unconfirmed rumours about these watches :
– The Pilots really disliked these watches as it was delivered to
them with a Japanese version of the Speidel bracelet and they disliked
wearing those bracelets as it pinched their arms and hairs on their arms
, Hence the reason why approx 20-25% of the watches we have seen are in
such good condition
– The Pilots really disliked these watches as it has a manual wind
movement when , at the time, automatic chronographs were already readily
– A large portion of these watches were destroyed due to the stricter
radiation guidelines , and although the used Tritium has a much lower
radiation count than previously used Radium at the end of the 70ies it
was decided to no longer use them and destroy them
What the truth is in these rumors is , as always , anyone’s guess but
the fact remains that we have only seen miniscule numbers of these
watches hit the ‘open market’
It is my long held belief, after many years of investigating other
Breitling models, that Breitling ordered watch cases in batches from
1000’s pieces. probably due to economy of scale etc. so it is my firm
belief there were a maximum of 1000 pieces ref 817 ever made , and even
less ‘assigned’ as there are unassigned pieces as well



Magistraal (zoals bijna altijd!)

Wat een referentie ben je toch!


we doen ons best :wink:

Dankje wel !

Uitzonderlijk mooie Breitling chrono’s!

Nooit eerder gezien maar wat een mooie klokken zeg!

Mooi verhaal en nog mooiere klokken! :+1:

Ik ben benieuwd naar wat ze heden zullen kosten.

De piloten hadden er zelf toch een ander bandje, hetzij leer of nylon
op kunnen zetten?


ergens tussen een ‘normale’ Bund en een Zenith A Cairelli , en dan meer richting de Cairelli dan richting de Bund

ja, maar hoeveel mensen geven geld uit aan iets dat niet van hun zelf is ? , en wat je weer moet inleveren nvt ?

Geweldig! Hou hier wel van!