Paojiang Changxing Village inhabitants Fuya Juan phone

September 5, Paojiang Changxing Village people Fuya Juan phone get in touch with to reporters, said both neighbors picked shamballa jewels
with out heart, the timely initiative back to her, and then she lost shamballa necklace got back by means of your media to thank.

seven o’clock about the morning of September 3, Changxing Village people Sang adore Yu and Xie Xingrong cell outdoors the river washing clothes, speaking and laughing every to go residence. I stepped onto, Sang really like jade observed floor a Huangcan, also employed wool dangle. Sang really like jade kicking, located that a shamballa bracelet, Sang love Yu and Xie Xingrong instantly picked up. Xie Xingrong a more in-depth look, the truly feel the shamballa bracelet pattern types and thirteen residents Fuya Juan generally wearing bracelet a lot like her I normally see the Fuya Juan put on shamballa bracelet.

Xie Xingrong and Sang adore Jade right away find Fuya Juan, following inquiring Fuya Juan recognized Bracelet gone. Following identification, This shamballa bracelet is indeed misplaced to Fu Yajuan. It turned out that while in the evening of September 2, enjoying the breeze inside the district where she, shamballa in uk
fracture landing. Worth 6 or seven thousand shamballa bracelet regained, Fu Yajuan am specifically happy that, together with be thankful for the two neighbors, can also be amazed by their character. Sang enjoy Yu and Xie Xingrong really uninteresting, informed reporters they said they dropped this kind of a precious issue, for who will be unpleasant, not one thing of their own, can not be accounted for himself.

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