Wie zou mij iets meer kunnen vertellen over het
merk SICURA, of een link geven waar meer informatie
te vinden is over SICURA.
Eigenlijk ben ik een beetje op zoek naar de
historie van het merk.


Even zo uit mijn hoofd. Sicura is een merk wat ergens in de jaren 70 is opgekocht door Breitling. Dat zegt echter niets over de kwaliteit van Sicura, want die is niet echt bijzonder.

Zelf heb ik wel een paar Sicura’s, omdat ik het design wel leuk vind.

Sicura was de horlogefirma van ene Ernest Schneider (horloges van niet zo’n hoge kwaliteit overigens) die na de ondergang van Breitling, de Breitling “naam” en reproductierechten overgekocht heeft. Hij en z’n opvolgers hebben dus een “gouden” zaakje gedaan.

Ik citeer hier uit een internetartikel van :

"Léon Breitling at the age of 20 was already a watchmaker of great talent. He established a workshop in 1884, produced a chronograph in his name, and continued developing his interest for watches with complications. In 1892, he moved to Chaux-de-Fonds where he died on 11 August, 1914.

The company succeeded to his son Gaston and later to his grandson Willy. Since both had a passion for aeronautics, several navigation instruments were at that time produced by the company. Breitling, closely linkedo various sports events, always reflects this interest in its productions. Gaston Breitling died on July 30, 1927 and for several years, the firm had no leadership. At the beginning of the 1930’s, they had forty chronograph models, and these numbers were to increase. At the beginning of 1932, Willy Breitling, the only son, took over the firm. At this time, the chronograph for aircraft was developed by Breitling and was to carry their name all over the world.

Since 1939, when Breitling signed a large contract with the British Air Ministry, more and more manufacturers and airline companies signed contracts with Breitling. Then in 1952 Willy Breitling decidedo move the firm’s headquarters to Geneva. From 1957 to 1986, Georges Caspari was responsible for all of Breitling’s advertising decisions, and became, over the years, one of Breitling’s closest advisors. In 1979, the entire Breitling firm was closed. The low-priced offerings from the Far East, the price war, the inflated Swiss Franc, the increasing shift to electronic watches on the part of the public, and finally the illness of Willy Breitling, are the basic reasons that caused him to close down his firm.

Despite this Willy Breitling wanted to keep the name of this world famous firm alive and looked for a practical solution. Ernst Schneider of the Sicura firm took over the names of Breitling and Navitimer and thus had the right to go on usig Breitling as the firm’s name. The sons of Willy Breitling, Gregory and Alain, were too young to participate in the survival of the firm. Willy Breitling died in May 1979.

A new impetus was given to the company by Ernest Schneider, specialist in electronics and pilot, but who also looked to another sport, sailing. Together with Eric Tabarly, he launched a series of watches for skippers and divers. Among the most striking design, the Navitimer was presented again in Basel in 1992, in a more compact version, using a chronograph module of 26,20 mm. In 1998, Breitling sponsored and directed the technical and electronical management, together with Bertrand Piccard, gradson of Auguste (Swiss physicist of great renown) and son of Jacques, and his team, in the launching of a balloon from Château-d’Oex in Switzerland, which attempted for the first time, the non-stop world tour with such an aerostat. This attempt did not succeed, but on 1st March 1999, a new departure took place from the same place. The present day firm was officially registered as Breitling Montres S.A. on November 30, 1982 and was located in Grenchen."

Verder vind je over Sicura heel wat via Google.

De horloges van Sicura en Breitling hebben overigens niets met elkaar te maken.
Sicura is eerder low-end, terwijl Breitling zich de jongste decennia eerder een “high-end” profiel heeft aangemeten.

Met Vriendelijke Groeten,