TAG Heuer presents: Avant-Garde Chronographs inspired by Motor Racing

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This month, TAG Heuer invites you to discover three new prestigious and avant-garde sports chronographs, inspired by the world of Motor Racing. Presented at the McLaren Technology Center, these three audacious timepieces are the result of TAG Heuer’s historic involvement in high-level motor sports timing.

The TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz, celebrating an exceptional alliance, combines strength and design, like the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren from which it is inspired. The ergonomics and the power of this chronograph will delight enthusiasts of exclusive automobiles.

Mounted on a rubber strap, with a tachymeter scale, and a design evoking racing car speedometers, the Carrera Tachymeter Racing undeniably perpetuates its heritage, and is destined to become a highly collectable cult classic in the famous Carrera series.

And finally, in honor of the 75th birthday of the late Steve McQueen, TAG Heuer presents for you the Monaco Vintage Limited Edition. The mythical Monaco chronograph, recognizable among all chronographs for its square case, bears the same colors as the suit the actor wore in the film “Le Mans”.

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