Waltham repair advice (sorry for English)

Hello all,

I apologize for English, I am still learning Dutch!

I have inherited my father’s 18k Waltham Hunter pocket watch that appears to function but the case doors do not close because the watch was dropped on the ground and the doors bent

Does anyone have recommendations for antique Waltham pocket watch repairs? It would be great if someone could fix the bend in the case doors and also do a full service, but many repair people is also fine

I live in Amsterdam but I am willing to travel/ship to other towns

Dank u wel!


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Good morning Tim,

first of all: a warm welcome to our community, glad you found us.
Can’t be of any direct help as I live in the south of our country and do not know the Amsterdam area very well (pretty sure other community members will be able to tell you more).
Untill then this link

might give you some pointers.

@Tokes can do that one for you

I have a very good experience with Jan Ubels from Bredevoort. It,s a long drive from Amsterdam. Maybe you can better send the watch in such case?

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Hello, thanks for the welcome!

I contacted @Tokes about repairing my watches. The 18k Hunter watch I mentioned when I created this topic turns out to be a Waltham chronograph! The watch is being repaired (and full service) by my fathers old watchmaker in Canada but I have another Waltham and Hamilton I’ll ask @Tokes to repair

Dank u