Watch out for pitangO

Nieuw forumlid pitang0 ( 1 dag lid ) stelt allerlei vragen over mijn horloge’s en zojuist kreeg ik wéér in het Engels het verzoek onze converstatie per email-gmail account voort te zetten.
Zijn laatste reaktie>>>> thanks mate, it certainly looks cool :smile: but can you take a few more wristshots? I mean not only from the screen but also from more angles on the wrist? around the strap and buckle and so? it would be cool:)
would I be able to ask you a few questions about it? do you have gmail or google+ or something so that w would be able to chat there? I would really like to ask some questions and see more wristshots again for the impression of it
Mijn reaktie>>>>>No thanks and solong buddy :sunglasses:

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Verplaatst! :wink: