Yema Jump Hours

YEMA Jump Hours

Yema made some cool jump hours in the 70´s. Basically from 1972-1976. Yema was big in France. They produced quality watches.

Please check out some of their models in the pictures below.

Yema selection 1 Yema Yellow

The 4th watch from the left in the first picture has a glass mirror dial (not a black dial as it appears on the photo).

Yema used mainly French calibres:

Lorsa 238 ADi 17 jewels, FE (French Ebauches) 140 1AD 17 jewels and Lorsa 83D (ladies model). All models featured have these calibres. All models in the first picture feature Lorsa 238 ADi. I also have a few Yema watches with the Amida calibre 710, 17 jewels.

Also interesting how Yema printed LED-like digits on the discs. And always added ´Digital´on the dial. Like so many watch companies, Yema couldn´t compete with the Japanese quartz watches in the mid 70´s.

This is what Wikipedia says about Yema:

Yema is a watchmaking company in Besançon, France. They claim that their watches “stand out from the rest by virtue of their specific design and technological characteristics”.

Founded in 1948 in Besançon (Doubs) by Henry Louis Belmont, the company distinguished itself in the very beginning by creating the first automatic chronometers manufactured entirely in France, and became famous for the technical qualities and sports characteristics of its watches.

Having been owned by Seiko Watch Corporation of Japan since 1988, the company recently returned to French hands via a buyout by Louis Eric Beckensteiner. As a result, a transition is occurring as of September, 2005. The new Chairman has set a target for watch sales of 50,000 in 2005 and 100,000 pieces with a turnover of 10 million euros in 2008.