RdB microbrand, from Italy

Hello everyone, I’m Guido, from Italy.

I’m sorry if this section is not correct for spring up, please suggest me the correct one.

I would like to show you our automatic timepiece with Swiss mouvement and unique shape, derived from an industrial nut.

Is it possible to show it?

Thanks for your attention, hope to find new friends here.




Hi Guido,

Welcome. As far as I know you can show it. Do you have a link to a website?



Ha qualche foto?


Thanks for your kind hospitality.

Well, the peculiarity of this project lies in the watch body realization: we are a couple of friends working in the steel industry, we have started from a nut and its screw to imagine a double case timepiece.

From the screw we obtain the inner case, which holds the ETA 2671 mouvement:

And the machined nut (M24 or M27) become the outer case, on which the 4 lugs are anchored.

All work is done here in northern Italy, Milan Far East, all handcrafted on lathe and on 5 axis machines.

The complete story can be founded at rdbwatches.net

Awaiting your comments now!



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See a M24 (36 mm case) model in blue dial here

And the big brother M27 (41 mm case)

The case can be crafted in titanium and bronze also.


This is nuts…sorry I mean: special

It looks like a big watch. What size is the wrist on the photo’s?

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Nice watch, big indeed. And new :slight_smile: as in never seen it before. Inspiration for @stefanketelaars and @Arie_Kabaalstra maybe…

Looks nice, the idea is also very nice.

What’s the reason that you have engraved M24 in the case side? Personally I don’t like this, it’s already printed on the dial.

That’s a Nice new Idea! In my opinion.


The Blue M24(36mm) above is shot on a 16 cm wrist.

The black M27(41mm) on a 20 cm one.

The side engraving is to identify the case. There is no back case here, the watch is mounted starting from the bezel.

Looks well made and thought out.

The movement is a vintage one, being the ETA 2671?

Funny that the crown has the shape of a hex.nut as well…

Hello Daddelvirks!

Yes, we use both vintage or new 2671s depending on the availability of little stocks on the market.
In any case, we use new components even if the mouvements are vintage ones.

This ETA was a forced choice due to the minimum space available (the screw head is machined to hold the mouvement in place).

Also we do a couple of in house modify on it, basically the date display removal and the bague elongation to match the case.

Hi wander,

Yes, and the RdB logo is engraved on it

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The watch body is composed of 8 pieces:

Outer case (nut)
Inner case (screw)
Lower ring
4 lugs

All the pieces are machined on lathe or on 5 axis machine tool (the lugs).
No cast metal pieces here.

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3 dials options are available, Baleno Intenso and Segnale (blue, black and white)


Thanks a bunch for the info Guido.

Looks like it’s all very well thought out and solidly made.

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Very original and impressive watch! The case, steel bracelet, indicators and hands are very cool.

In case you’re looking for opinions for improvements: I’m not keen on the underlining of the brand and “automatic” on the dial, and the positioning of the model indication. A more symetrial layout, with smaller font sizes would work better IMHO.

Thanks hrb,

We’re thinking about sandwitch dials for the future, we’ll keep in mind your suggestion.

We’re very proud of the production cycle: all work is performed in Italy, with the exception of the ETA mouvement.
This obviously have reflected on the watch costs, but the craftsmanship was our first goal.

Obviously, as a tribute of steel industry, the watch can be crafted in aisi316 stainless, bronze, titanium and anodized ergal.

Yes imo the dial is definitely the Achilles heel here. A California or Panerai style sandwich dial (not a dicect copy however) would really fit the case nicely.

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