Show je horloge met een ander bandje!

Ziet er heel gaaf uit! Quartz denk ik zo en doet me aan mijn Mido denken. Hoe werkt deze?

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Characteristics • Time zone function • Display of hours and minutes • 24 hour display (AM-PM) • Movement : ETA E10.061 exclusively designed for TISSOT • Battery : Renata 399 • Power reserve : about 36 months.

Setting the time

  1. Set the local time by turning the external bezel (5) until the letter “T” (for TISSOT) points at the appropriate city for the time zone where you are currently located. 2. Pull crown out into position 6B. 3. Set the local time (the 24 hour hand advances simultaneously) by turning the crown forwards or backwards (one quick turn of the crown advances the time by one complete hour). 4. Push crown back into position 6A. You have now completed the timesetting operation. Note : To adjust the 24 hour hand, you need to turn it either clockwise or anticlockwise from 12 o’clock.

Time zone function

  1. To find out the time in another time zone, simply rotate the external bezel (5) until the letter " T " points at the appropriate city for the desired time zone (either on the internal bezel (4) or on the dial). 2. Then press the crown to change the time. The hands (1) and (2) (hours and minutes) immediately indicate the time in the desired time zone. Note : The 24 hour hand with the red mark (3) shows the time in 24-hour mode (AM-PM).
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