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DE thread om met je HMT(-tjes) te pronken :slight_smile:

Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge ……” declared our beloved Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehruji at the stroke of midnight of August 14, 1947 as India attained independence. This led to a phase of vigorous initiatives in agriculture, industry, infrastructure and other such core sectors to make independent India self-reliant.

HMT was entrusted the vital task of building machine tools and in 1953 the first Machine tool factory was set up in Bangalore.

Panditji’s vision to bring-in a sense of time consciousness among the Indians, his belief that India was capable of manufacturing precision components generated the pace for setting up a watch manufacturing unit within the country. In 1961, Government of India entrusted the job to HMT due to its capability, name and fame amongst the public sectors.

HMT set up a watch manufacturing Unit at Bangalore in collaboration with M/s Citizen Watch Co., Japan in 1961. As the first manufacturer of Wrist watches in the country, HMT successfully absorbed the totally new precision manufacturing technology for mass production, and assembly of micro sized components. This tryst with ‘firsts’ continued and led to launch of India’s first Automatic Day-Date watch , first Quartz watch , first Braille watch, first Ana-Digi watch and so on.

The first batch of Hand Wound Wrist Watches was released by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Popularity and demand of watches was increasing which led the company to expand its capacity. Accordingly, the expansion was done as mentioned below.

In 1972, Watch factory II was set up alongside the Bangalore Factory to manufacture Automatic Day Date Watches with Japanese Technology.

Watch factory III was set up at Srinagar in 1972 with the entire Technical Knowhow from HMT engineers.

In 1975, Watch factory at Bangalore was further expanded to manufacture Main Spring, Hair spring and Shock absorber components. By this, HMT totally acquired the technology of Mechanical Watch making.

Later on HMT set up manufacturing facility to produce 2 million watch components sets at Tumkur and Ranibagh in the year 1978 and 1985 respectively and watches were assembled at various assembly units spread over the country. This was done with the objective of dispersal of Industry and creation of employment besides catering to the demand for the product which got accepted very well in the market. In line with the market trend , Watch factory at Tumkur was partially converted to manufacture Quartz Analog Watches in collaboration with M/S Citizen Watch Co, Japan. To cater to the Niche market, a specialized watch case manufacturing facility was set up at Bangalore in 1983 .The project was implemented with in-house expertise, without any foreign collaboration .

Since 1985 , HMT Watches has been actively involved in making Floral Clocks, Solar Clocks, International Clocks, Master-Slave clocks and Tower Clocks. The Garden clock at Bangalore thrills thousands of visitors everyday.

In the year 2000, HMT Watch Bussiness group was re-structured as HMT Watches Limited (a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of HMT Limited).

HMT Watches, having over 100 million satisfied customers, is a household name in the country and enjoys a good Brand Equity.



Niet alles tegelijkertijd laten zien he… moet spannend blijven :slight_smile:

Hier mijn Slim, eigenwijs lichtroze… :slight_smile:

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Pretty in purple, een Pilot.


Er zal er wel niet snel een aan mijn pols komen, maar ik vind het een interessant merk.
Ik vraag me af of ze met een goed verkoopkanaal niet ook in het westen een commerciële kans
maakten in de tijd dat in het westen de penankers verkocht werden. Ik denk dat ze er kwa prijs
namelijk wel onder zaten.


1:24 in het water. Online vind ik zo gauw géén HMT met enige waterresistentie.
wel: http://hmtwatches.blogspot.com/2015/06/monsoon-woes-and-hmt-watches-how-to.html

A public sector company, dus een staatsbedrijf.

Ook in deze korte commercial hetzelfde watershot als hierboven. Glamoureuze
reclame voor een toen nog grotendeels derde-wereldland.

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Een oude foto inmiddels maar nog steeds mijn favoriete Hmt :smile:
De WUS limited edition, 500 stuks


Daar zou je best wel 'ns gelijk in kunnen hebben. Het zijn de enige horloges die ik ken die (nieuw/NOS) nog goedkoper zijn dan een Vostok Komandirskie :smile:.

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Wat een toeval :slight_smile: Mijn horloge van vandaag:

Wat er ontbreekt in je verhaal (of het staat in de videos, werken niet op deze specifieke PC…) is “On January 6, 2016, the Union government of India announced the closure of HMT Watches Ltd”.


Thanks voor deze aanvulling! Ze blijven inderdaad bezig met het zenden van sluitingsberichten :slight_smile:

Een felblauwe Karna :slight_smile:

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dees is erg mooi!!

Ook 2 gehad, nog eentje in bezit, de WUS HMT.


Een Sona zakhorloge :slight_smile:

Zijn er meer met een HMT zakhorloge?

Fijne zondag :slight_smile:

En waar kopen jullie deze zoal? Gewoon eBay? Of andere kanalen? Zitten wel leuke dingen tussen af en toe

Overal eigenlijk wel, ebay, cata, marktplaats, forumleden alhier … :slight_smile: andere fora etc.

Hou hier vooral @NickW in de gaten :slight_smile: die heeft regelmatig leuke HMT-jes te koop :slight_smile:

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Inderdaad, deze ook van Nickw overgenomen:


De Hindi op nieuwe Milanaise :slight_smile:

Ander model Sona zakhorloge :slight_smile:

HMT Pilot om vandaag.

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Mooie zachte kleur!! :slight_smile:

Ook eentje uit de stal van NickW